Our Story.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Website, Video, Branding and Social Media.

Innobella Media was founded in 2009 by Paul Freeman-Powell. With a family background in video production, Paul was crawling around in front of cameras on blue screens before he was even out of nappies! Paul’s love of video production and film making was inherited from his father, whose career involved teaching video production and covering numerous concerts, live events and productions after his own father, himself an early pioneer of ciné cameras and inventor of the world’s first floodlight, passed on his own passions.

In later years Paul also developed a passion for website design and the Internet, and with the growth of social media and online video the two have never worked better together.

When you work with Innobella Media you’re working with highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals. You can hand off all of the hard work designing and managing your website as well as shooting and editing your corporate videos. After all, it’s your business at stake so you don’t want to take any chances.

Portrait Photo credit: John Hollingsworth.

Years’ Experience

You’re in safe hands
with Innobella Media.

Why Video?

Video has always been one of the best, easiest and most effective ways of communicating with your audience and getting your point across.

It’s often said that people remember a small amount of what they read, more of what they see and far more of what they both see and hear.

Video has exploded in popularity in recent years with the advances in online distribution. This means that from billion-pound multinationals right down to small businesses and non-profits, video is playing a key part in helping organisations keep ahead of the competition.

Why Choose Innobella Media?

When it comes to your business and its image, you can’t afford to take any chances. We promise that you’re in safe hands with Innobella Media:

  • Over 20 years’ experience in both website design and video production
  • We enjoy our work, take a huge pride in the results and we’re not happy until you’re happy
  • Small, family-run business – every client is important
  • We work across sectors and industries, with charities, non-profits and larger corporations – we’re not a one-trick pony!
  • A single, coordinated project can cover all aspects of your digital and online image – including your website, promotional videos, branding and social media presence