Today I spent the afternoon alone in All Hallows Church, Liverpool, taking no less than 123 different photographs at varying exposures of the inside of the building, to create this super high resolution virtual tour.

Using your mouse or touchscreen, this Virtual Tour allows you to move around, look up and down and even zoom really far in and out – just as if you were there in real life!

The HDR photography helped ensure that the really bright areas (eg. stained glass windows) and the darker areas (eg. under the pews and the floor) could be evenly and correctly exposed – making the experience all the more lifelike, immersive and impressive.

Virtual Tours are a great way to show off a space and encourage people to visit for real. They work great for historic buildings, and tourist attractions as well as for meeting and event spaces.

Explore the Virtual Tour yourself at https://tours.innobellamedia.uk/all-hallows/

Get in touch if you’d like one of your space!

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