Architectural Photography in Liverpool: St. Anne’s, Aigburth

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St. Anne’s Church, Liverpool – Black & White HDR Photography by Innobella Media

Today I spent some time at St. Anne’s Church in Aigburth, Liverpool, photographing the building inside and out. The photos will be used on the church’s new website, as well as on their various social media profiles and printed material.

The above photo was taken on a tripod, standing on the central reservation of Aigburth Road, facing towards the church building at a slight angle. To create the HDR / high dynamic range shot, three different RAW exposures were captured (under-exposed, “normal”, and over-exposed) and merged together in order to capture all the light and dark areas of the scene.

It was not originally intended to be a Black and White photograph, but during the post production process I felt that the dark, moody style of the image fitted the gothic architecture of the building really nicely.

The inside of the church was photographed too, again using similar HDR techniques which is especially useful to capture the light and dark areas of scenes including stained glass windows!

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