Today is a good day; we have finally released the promotional video that we’ve been working on recently for Frontier Camps – have a watch of it above!

This project involved driving to the other side of the country and living in a trailer tent for a week in a field full of children on a permanent sugar high – but the British weather was very kind to us so it was a great week!

The camp, run by members of various churches, is for children aged 9-13, with older children (15+) being able to help out as members of the “crew”, aims to tell Jesus’ story to the young people as well as providing a fun-filled holiday for all who come – many of whom would otherwise never get a holiday. For some, it’s a well-deserved break and time to be allowed to be a child away from difficult home lives for a week.

The short promotional video gives an overview of what the camp is, who it’s for and who it’s run by, and what children (and their parents/guardians!) can expect from the week. We interviewed several of the camp leaders and a few of the child campers themselves, and got a tonne of great footage of the various activities that go on, meaning some great B-roll.

Working in conjunction with McNeil Aerial Photography Services, we also had access to some lovely drone footage for this video, which really added an extra spark with the high up angles – especially great as the camp takes place in a particularly beautiful part of Lincolnshire.

The video has been made available online on both YouTube and Facebook, so various churches and youth groups can link to it and create social media posts containing the video. The team were also provided with a MP4 file of the finished video which can be distributed and played offline on big-screens at churches and youth groups up and down the land.

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